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Bin collection day checker

Posted 04 Jun 2019

Can't remember when your bins get picked up? Check online now.

Council rates payment

Posted 18 May 2019

Pay your City of Adelaide Council rates online.

Dog barking/excessive noise

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Dog registration renewal

Posted 18 May 2019

Encroachment form

Posted 08 Nov 2019

Use this form to complete the renewal of your Encroachment Permit. Renewals must be finalised by Friday 27 December 2019.

Five year, free rates application

Posted 17 May 2019

Apply online for five year, free rates. Eligibility applies.

Food related incident

Posted 16 May 2019

General enquiries

Posted 22 May 2019


Posted 16 May 2019

Report an incident of graffiti online.

Heritage plaque registration

Posted 09 May 2019

Local nuisance exemption form

Posted 12 Nov 2019

Use this form to apply for a Local Nuisance exemption.

Lost/stolen bin (red, yellow, or green bin), residents

Posted 04 Jun 2019

Has your red, yellow or green bin gone missing? Report it to request for a new one.

Missed waste collection

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Nature strip application

Posted 09 May 2019

Apply for a nature strip by your residence..

New bin request (red, yellow or green)

Posted 04 Jun 2019

Request for a new red, yellow or green bin.

Objection to land use

Posted 24 Jul 2019

Use this form to lodge an objection to land use with Council.

Parking alterations application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply for a parking control alteration online.

Rates direct debit online application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply online to pay your Council rates through direct debit.

Renew residential parking permit

Posted 16 May 2019

Apply online to renew your residential parking permit.

Report a damaged bin

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Report a dog you've found

Posted 27 Jun 2019

Report a dog you've found at large and have taken in to keep it safe.

Report issue in the city

Posted 18 May 2019

Need to report a general issue in the city? Do it here.

Search library catalogue

Posted 19 Jun 2019

Tenancy information schedule

Posted 17 May 2019

Use this form to register your tenancy details. Suitable for residential and non-residential properties.

Vehicle crossing application

Posted 10 Jul 2019

Use this form to apply for a vehicle crossing across a footpath to gain access to your property.