Park Lands

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Book a sports facility

Posted 20 Jun 2019

Use this form to book a sports facility in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Book an event in the Park Lands

Posted 18 Jun 2019

Check availability and book a place in the Park Lands for your next event.

Depasture a horse

Posted 09 May 2019

Helicopter landing application

Posted 18 Jun 2019

Apply for permission for a helicopter to land or take-off in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Imagination Playground hire

Posted 09 May 2019

Hire the Imagination Playground.

Olive collection application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply for an olive collection permit online.

Park Lands business proposal

Posted 08 May 2019

Tree/Park Lands maintenance issue reporting

Posted 18 May 2019

Report a tree or park lands maintenance-related issue.