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Bin collection day checker

Posted 04 June 2019

Can't remember when your bins get picked up? Check online now.

Bin left on footpath/street

Posted 25 June 2019

Bin no longer required

Posted 25 June 2019

Indoor recycling bins for business request form

Posted 29 Apr 2022

Complete this form to request for an Indoor Recycling Bins at your business

Lost/stolen bin (Commercial)

Posted 25 June 2019

Lost/stolen bin (red, yellow, or green bin), residents

Posted 04 June 2019

Has your red, yellow or green bin gone missing? Report it to request for a new one.

Missed waste collection

Posted 25 June 2019

New bin request (red, yellow or green)

Posted 04 June 2019

Request for a new red, yellow or green bin.

Report a damaged bin

Posted 25 June 2019

Report illegally dumped waste

Posted 18 June 2019

Use this form to report illegally dumped waste within Adelaide city or North Adelaide.

Request cleaning or maintenance

Posted 18 June 2019

Request cleaning or maintenance of a Council asset such as public toilets, barbecues etc.

Which Bin?

Posted 07 Feb 2020

Do you have an item you're not sure how to dispose of? Use this tool to find out which bin to use or how to dispose of the item.