Business permits & licenses

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Apply for busking permit

Posted 09 May 2019

Apply for a busking permit online.

City works - extension or amendment

Posted 02 Aug 2019

Use this form to extend or amend the dates of a current City Works permit or application.

City works application

Posted 04 Jun 2019

Use this form to apply for a permit for maintenance and construction work in the public realm.

Council rates payment

Posted 18 May 2019

Pay your City of Adelaide Council rates online. We recommend using Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge for an optimal user experience.

Encroachment form

Posted 08 Nov 2019

Use this form to complete the renewal of your Encroachment Permit. Renewals must be finalised by Friday 27 December 2019.

Food related incident

Posted 16 May 2019

General enquiries

Posted 22 May 2019

Heritage plaque registration

Posted 09 May 2019

Local nuisance exemption form

Posted 12 Nov 2019

Use this form to apply for a Local Nuisance exemption.

Lost/stolen bin (Commercial)

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Major construction authorisations

Posted 14 Sep 2020

Use this form to apply for City Works permits, local nuisance exemptions and temporary parking control alterations ´╗┐for developments worth over $5 million.

Objects on footpath permit application

Posted 16 May 2019

Businesses must apply for a permit before placing any objects on the footpath.

Olive collection application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply for an olive collection permit online.

On-street activity permit application

Posted 16 May 2019

Use this form to apply for activities such as charity or badge day collections, distributing literature or samples and other activities on the street.

Outdoor dining permit

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply for an outdoor dining permit online.

Park Lands business proposal

Posted 08 May 2019

Permanent Parking Control alteration application

Posted 26 Jan 2021

Apply for a permanent parking control alteration online.

Rates - financial hardship form for business

Posted 05 Jun 2020

Use this form if your business is experiencing financial hardship and wish to apply for a postponement or remission of rates.

Rates direct debit online application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply online to pay your Council rates through direct debit.

Renewal of Objects on Footpath permit

Posted 22 Mar 2021

Use this form to renew your City of Adelaide Objects on Footpath permit.

Report pest/ rodents

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Rundle Mall vehicle access

Posted 16 May 2019

Apply for vehicle access at Rundle Mall.

Temporary Parking Control alterations application

Posted 08 May 2019

Apply for a temporary parking control alteration online.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide community application form

Posted 03 Feb 2020

Have you connected or support Ten Gigabit Adelaide? Join us in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide community.